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By edwinpaul, Jun 7 2019 05:39PM

The second term of school begins and will run from June to August. it began with many challenges such as food and bare necesitties which were provided with the help of friends!

By edwinpaul, Jul 15 2018 08:00AM

With friends , we visited the Ssese and Kalangala Islands in Lake victoria. the community has been, in the near past , been hit with the Aids Epidermic from which they are now recovering. Many children and young adults all very welcoming. This also a beautiful tourist resort with white sand beaches for fresh waters and tropical lake shore lovers, beautiful sunsets and awesome forest scenery! A perfect place for meditation and reflection!

By edwinpaul, Jul 11 2018 09:00PM

The Romans Project has been extended to Lira a town in Northern Uganda. i was able to meet over 20 pastors who were keen to know about the project. by the time we left, all were ready to read the book of Romans twenty times!

By edwinpaul, Jul 9 2018 08:52PM

Saved on Street was able to organise a youth camp for several younsters. Issues on growing up, physical and emotional changes to their bodies were spoken about. above all, a personal relationship with Christ Jesus!

By edwinpaul, Jul 9 2018 08:25PM

A Gospel outreach event was organised by churches in the rural community of Kamwenge in Western Uganda. the Young Marrieds were invited to minister in the gospel of the Lord Jesus. over 300 people gave their lives to Christ and several recommitted their earlier surrender to God!

Young people came in large numbers to listen to the gospel and several elderly people who were out in the fields by day came over to the church in the evenings to listen to the gospel.

Teens listening to Edtalk.
Teens listening to Edtalk.
A moment of vibrant praise in the town square before the word
A moment of vibrant praise in the town square before the word
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