Edwin and Rhona have three beautiful children Blessin, Benir and Brent. They have to support themselves financially and its through the generous giving of friends and well-wishers of the ministry that they have been sustained. As a guide they need to find approximately £800 per month to cover his salary, transport costs and other expenses. Edwin also needs fuel expenses for the  car so that he can visit the pastors and church leaders without having to rely so much on public transport.


They also run a small chicken farm and Edwin does a little bit of translation work to supplement their income but they trust in God for the rest.


The children they  support are also given the much desired needs by well wishers who give specific instructions for the support they send.


If you felt you were able to help them financially on a regular or even one-off basis

please get in touch with them via email. If you would prefer to do this anonymously or would like to ask more question without them knowing please email Martin Harris, who lives in the UK, for more details.


Thank you